Non-Metallic Inclusions In Steel And Piping
Non-Metallic Inclusions In Steel And Piping
Building Composite Materials And Applications
Building Composite Materials And Applications

Abstract: aluminum square is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years, and a large number of people use it. Most people like the particularity and good performance of aluminum square.

The feature of aluminum square is that it can develop vision, good ventilation effect and clear hierarchy. It is very suitable for modern simple style decoration.

How about aluminum square ceiling

What is aluminum square

Aluminum square (U-shaped square and U-shaped groove) is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. Aluminum square has an open vision, ventilation and ventilation.

Its lines are bright and neat, with clear layers, reflecting a simple and clear modern style. It is simple and convenient to install and disassemble. It has become the main product popular in the decoration market in recent years.

Precautions For Purchase And Installation Of Aluminum Square Ceiling

It is suitable for public places with many concealed works and dense flow of people, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation.

At the same time, it can make the light evenly distributed and make the whole space spacious and bright. It is widely used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport, large shopping mall, channel, leisure place, public toilet, hotel, school restaurant and building exterior wall and other open places.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

1. Beautiful appearance

Aluminum Fangtong ceiling has exquisite appearance and rich colors. It has clear and smooth lines and can perfectly match a variety of decoration styles to create a different visual experience.

2. Simple structure and use

Aluminum square ceiling has low material loss and simple structure. The installation method adopts standard keel snap structure.

3. Simple disassembly and assembly

The assembly and disassembly of aluminum square ceiling is simple, and each plate is separated separately. Excellent material, mainly divided into aluminum plate and profile aluminum plate.

4. Widely used

Aluminum Fangtong ceiling is applicable to residential and large public places, such as corridors, balconies, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other places. It is widely used.


Aluminum Fangtong ceiling uses science and technology. Compared with traditional decorative materials, the cost will be higher, so the price will naturally be more expensive.

Precautions For Purchase And Installation Of Aluminum Square Ceiling

precautions for purchase of aluminum Fangtong

1. Look at the material

At present, aluminum materials on the market are mainly divided into ordinary aluminum materials, Guangzhou aluminum, Southwest Aluminum, etc. according to the international label of aluminum materials, they can be divided into 1100, 3003, 5005, etc.

According to the toughness of aluminum materials, they can be divided into ordinary aluminum materials, aluminum magnesium alloys, aluminum manganese alloys, etc.

When purchasing aluminum square ceiling, we need to select high-quality colored aluminum materials to prevent deformation. If we choose aluminum materials with poor quality, it will affect the service life of aluminum square ceiling.

2. Look at surface treatment

The surface treatment process of aluminum square pass ceiling mainly includes spraying, paint baking, roll coating and film coating. The aluminum square pass with spray coating and paint baking on the surface generally has a short service life and is easy to show color.

It is best to choose the aluminum square pass with film coating process, and the inlet film with color quality can be maintained for 20 years without fading.

3. Craft

We love to buy aluminum Fangtong ceiling, and we also need to pay attention to its process quality. If the manufacturing process is poor, it will have a certain impact on its service life.

Aluminum Fangtong produced by many small manufacturers is produced in workshops with low technical level. Therefore, when purchasing aluminum Fangtong ceiling, we’d better choose well-known brands for better quality assurance.

how much is the price of aluminum square

If you want to know how much aluminum Fangtong costs per meter, you need to provide the bottom, height and thickness. In addition, the surface needs powder spraying, painting, fluorocarbon or wood grain.

In addition, if you want to convert it into one square meter, you need to know the installation clearance of Fangtong. In this way, you can calculate how many meters are used for one square meter, and then you can calculate the price of one square meter.

The price of aluminum Fangtong is the same as the price per square meter. Generally, the price is between 35-55. The specific quotation can only be calculated after the manufacturer has read the design drawings.

the specifications and models of aluminum square are generally 20-400mm wide, 20-600mm high and 0.43.5mm thick. Note: the length is customized within 6m. Special dimensions can be customized according to specific conditions and made manually.

Precautions For Purchase And Installation Of Aluminum Square Ceiling

Installation of aluminum square ceiling

  1.  Setting out: install the horizontal line of the floor elevation. First design the elevation, then find out the center point, and finally follow the elevation horizontal line of the ceiling according to the center point.
  2.  Install the main keel hanger: after snapping the elevation and keel position line, determine the elevation of the lower end of the hanger, and then install it.
  3.  Installation of main longitudinals: then select C38 light steel keel as the main keel, and the distance shall be within 1200m, which shall be connected with other supporting suspended ceilings.
  4.  Installation of side keel: according to the clear height of the ceiling, fix the painted keel with cement nails around the wall, and the spacing between cement nails shall not be greater than 300mm.
  5. Installation of secondary keel: the secondary keel shall be hung on the main keel. When the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended, the secondary keel connector shall be directly used
  6.  Installation of metal plate: when installing the ceiling, a datum line shall be drawn out with the secondary keel in the middle. The installation shall be handled with care. Both sides of the square plate must be gently pressed along the flanging position, clamped into the keel, and then pushed tightly.
  7.  Cleaning: clean it after installation and wipe it with a rag.
  8. 8. Inspection: check whether the installation is qualified, see whether there are problems, etc., so as to avoid subsequent quality problems and unnecessary disputes.
Precautions For Purchase And Installation Of Aluminum Square Ceiling
construction method of aluminum square curtain wall

According to different design schemes, the curtain wall aluminum square can choose straight aluminum square or special-shaped aluminum square. Due to the factors of outdoor decoration, it is better to choose profile aluminum square or sheet metal U-groove.

The choice of products is mainly to ensure the stable performance of the installation system.

Because the product needs to withstand the wind, sun and rain, it needs to have a certain stability. The profile aluminum square has a special installation system, which is fixed by screws, and υ The U-shaped groove design is generally used to stably fix the U-shaped aluminum square to the wall through the use of accessories and screws.

This installation method can well ensure the stable performance of the product, so as to ensure the performance of the product. It will not fall due to wind and rain, resulting in hidden dangers.

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