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Many manufacturers of home appliance products, the production requirements for the product are very high, which is most commonly used to produce the material is the color coated steel coil, perhaps we are very unfamiliar with the color steel volume, even do not know what is the color steel volume, color steel volume and what is used to do, it is in the market price situation how? Do not say do not know, a say up to find, the original for color steel volume, we will have so many questions, since this, now go together to know color steel volume it.

The meaning of color coated coil

Color coated steel coil, in our ordinary life is called color coated coil or color coated steel plate, it is a kind of continuous surface degreasing strip in the production line after phosphating and other chemical transfer process, and then the strip coated with organic coatings after high temperature baking products, in general, the surface of this steel plate are more bright colors, we also call this steel plate and color coated plate.

Classification of color coated coils

For the use of color steel volume, manufacturing different products we have to choose different kinds of color steel volume, speaking of which, we also have to briefly introduce the type of color steel volume, it is divided into a total of five categories, namely, home appliances, optical materials, decorative materials, building materials, packaging several, in which, the production process of color steel volume of home appliances is the most fine and perfect, of course, the production requirements of this category of color steel volume is relatively much higher.

color coated steel coil

The progress of color coated coil

Society is still moving forward, of course, the color steel volume can not lose its pace of progress, in the future production of color steel volume will choose high-grade substrate, production, of course, this requires the substrate plate shape, size and so on to be very accurate, and then these selected substrate using more complete unit facilities and improved processing fluid (stability and environmental performance is stronger) for processing production, so that the color steel volume higher strength, more colorful, to meet the consumer needs of more consumers.

Market price of color coated steel coil

Finally, let’s see how the price of color coated steel coil in the market, in general, to calculate the price of color coated steel coil in the market, we must first clearly know the length, width, height, unit price per ton and its density of color coated steel coil, then we can calculate, multiply the length, width, height and density of color coated steel coil, divide it by 1000000, and finally multiply it by the price per ton, we can calculate it.

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