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Cold rolling is a processing technology in which the metal is pressed through the roll at a temperature lower than the recrystallization temperature of the material. This process can improve the yield strength and hardness of steel, sometimes 20%, depending on the specific process used.  By keeping the material below the recrystallization temperature, the ductility of the metal will be reduced, making cold rolling a labor-intensive process. It also allows the production of thinner plates than mild steel hot rolled sheet.

Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Product Show of Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet can be produced by one of two main methods.

Coils are cut on a dedicated cutting machine or using a combination cut, followed by straightening, packing and marking of the finished sheet.

Processing of hot rolled steel panels on a non-reversible cold rolling mill. In this case, hot rolled steel sheet metal cut into thin sheets are used as raw material. These rolled sheet steel are processed in a pickling line and then, while still cold, are deformed by rolls to obtain thinner cold rolled steel sheet in coil.

Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Product Details of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet is essentially hot rolled sheet that has been further processed. More accurate dimensions and quality obtained by cooling the hr cr sheet and then re-rolling it at room temperature.

Crca sheet is often used to describe a range of finishing processes, but technically ‘cold rolling’ is only applicable to plates that are compressed between rolls. The steel die being pulled, for example a bar or tube, is ‘drawn’ rather than rolled. Other cold working processes include turning, grinding and polishing – each of which is used to convert existing hot-rolled blanks into finer products.

Cold rolled sheet metal can usually be identified by the following characteristics:

Better, more finished surfaces with tighter tolerances
Smooth surfaces that are usually greasy to the touch
Bars are true and square, often with well-defined angles
Tubes have better concentric uniformity and straightness





Width :



2000mm, 2438mm, 3000mm, 3500,6000mm,12000mm,or customized




Black painted,PE coated,Galvanized,color coated,

anti rust varnished,anti rust oiled,checkered,etc


Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled



price terms:

FOB,CRF,CIF,EXW  all acceptable

Delivery Detail:

inventory About 5-7; custom-made 25-30

Loading port:

any port in China


Standard export packaging (inside: waterproof paper, outside: steel bar and pallet)

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C at sight,West Union,D/P,D/A,Paypal

2.Stainless steel profile

What are the benefits of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

With better surface properties than hot rolled steel sheet in coil, it is not surprising that cold rolled steel sheet metal is often used for more technically accurate applications or where it is important for aesthetics. But because crc metal sheet products require additional processing, cold rolled steel sheet price is also higher than hot rolled steel sheet price.

In terms of physical properties, cold rolled steel plate is usually harder and stronger than standard hot rolled steel sheets. Because the metal is formed at a lower temperature, the hardness, tensile breaking resistance and deformation resistance of steel will be improved due to work hardening.

However, these additional treatments also produce internal stresses in the material. If cr sheet coil is not stress relieved before cutting, grinding or welding, this may cause unpredictable warpage.

Product Applications of cold rolled steel expanded

The main industries consuming cold rolled steel sheet include construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile, white household appliances and consumer goods.

In the construction industry

cold rolled steel sheet is mainly used to produce steel structures, curved closed and open profiles, exterior wall components, doors, etc.

In transportation machinery manufacturing and white household appliance manufacturing

cold rolled steel sheet is mainly used to manufacture automobile and vehicle body and load-bearing parts. Cold rolled steel sheet shall have good formability and surface suitable for various coating materials.

These cold rolled carbon steel sheet are also used to make tableware, packaging materials and household products for various purposes.

Large consumers of cold rolled steel expanded sheet metal include metal service centers, which provide services to different departments, from construction to instrument engineering. These companies use high-precision automation equipment to cut, bend, process and drill products and components made of cold rolled steel panels

Marking and packaging

The packaging of our products (eg. hot rolled sheet metal, cold rolled steel coils,rolled coil) ensures that they will not be damaged during transport. For export purposes, the usual export packaging is done in wooden crates or crates. All carbon steel sheets, plates and coils are marked with a logo (company mark), grade, size and batch number. On request, we can customise the marking on the product,such as spcc cold rolled steel.


Recommended Products

As cold rolled steel sheet manufacturers, we recommend our hot selling 20 gauge cold rolled sheet metal,16 gauge cold rolled steel sheetand18 ga cold rolled steel.In addition to that, our cold rolled stainless steel sheet , hot rolled stainless steel sheet and cold rolled galvanized steel coil are also sold in various countries.

Cold rolled steel sheet classification, product range and properties

Standards used to formulate requirements for cold rolled steel sheets in different countries, such as en 10130, en 10268, en 10209, ASTM a1008 / a1008m/a1008 steel/astm a1008 steel, dstu 2834, gost 16523, gost 9045 and gost 17066 – specify the type and size range of steel, its application (profiling, cold forming, enamel, general purpose, etc.), mechanical properties, surface quality and other parameters.

Cold rolled sheet conforming to European standard

The European standards most commonly followed in production are en10130, en10268 and en10209.

EN 10130

EN 10130 is applicable to uncoated cold forming made of low cr sheet grades DC01, dc03, DC04, dc05, dc06 and DC07, with a minimum width of 600mm and a minimum thickness of 0.35mm,such as 1.2 mm cold rolled steel.

Cr sheet metal produced according to this standard are usually rolled with skin; However, after negotiation, materials can be provided without skin rolling. The same is true for antirust oil.EN 10130 specifies the surface quality (a, b) and finishing (gloss B, semi gloss g, matte m, roughness R) of cold rolled steel sheet. Acceptable dimensional and shape tolerances shall comply with en 10131.

EN 10268

EN 10268 relates to cold rolled mild steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm or less and has a high yield strength suitable for cold forming. This reference document is applicable to the following cold rolled steel plate grades with different chemical composition and mechanical properties.

  • B – heat treated steel (hc180b, hc220b, hc260b, hc300b), heated to 170 ° С After 20 minutes, the reference yield strength increased to a certain extent.
  • La – low alloy / microalloyed steel (hc260la, hc300la, hc340la, hc380la, hc420la, hc460la, hc500la), which contains one or more alloy elements, such as niobium, vanadium or titanium, to achieve the required yield strength.
  • I – isotropic steel (hc220i, hc260i, hc300i), the parameter of plastic deformation is small.
Plates are only supplied as skin piercing materials.

Usually, cr coil sheet is coated with oil. In this case, in order to prevent rust, apply a uniform layer of neutral non dry cleaning oil on both sides within three months of normal packaging, transportation, handling and storage to avoid corrosion. The oil should be able to be removed with alkaline solution or ordinary solvent. Cold rolled sheet shall be provided with products with surface quality of type A or type B according to en 10130, except La steel, whose surface quality can only be type A. Cold rolled sheets can be further used for metal coatings, immersing the material in a metal bath, using electrolytic deposition, and / or applying organic and other types of coatings. If such coating is required, it shall be indicated in the requirement or order. The dimensional and shape tolerances of products with rolling thickness of 600 mm or more shall comply with en 10131, while the tolerances of products with rolling thickness of less than 600 mm shall comply with en 10140.

EN 10209

EN 10209 is used to manufacture rolled glass glaze with width of 600mm or more and 3mm cold rolled steel sheet or less from dc01ek, dc04ek, dc06ek, dc03ed, dc04ed and dc06ed cold rolled steel sheet grades. This standard specifies the main requirements for the chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality and test methods of cold rolled sheet. The dimensional and shape tolerances of this cold rolled steel plate are ЕN 10131.

Cold rolled coil conforming to Ukrainian and CIS standards

In Ukraine and CIS, the main criteria include.

Dstu 2834 and similar gost 16523 standards

Dstu 2834 and similar gost 16523 standards are applicable to general application materials made of high-quality and ordinary quality carbon steel with a production width of 500 mm or more, The thickness shall not exceed 3.9mm (inclusive). According to its ultimate strength, the steel grades are divided into the following strength groups. K260v, k270v, ok300v, k310v, k330v, k350v, ok360v, ok370v, k390v, ok400v and k490v. According to the surface finish, the products can be divided into group I (super finish), group II (super finish) and group III (super finish). According to the drawing capacity, steel products can be divided into deep drawing and ordinary drawing products. The range of these cold reduced steel sheet comply with gost 19904.

Gost 9045

Gost 9045 specifies the requirements for thin gauge cold rolled materials made of low-carbon high-quality steel with a thickness of no more than 3.9 mm for cold forming. According to the rated characteristics, the product can have 1 to 5 categories. According to the surface finish quality, Products can be divided into type I (super finish), type II (super finish) and type III (extra finish). According to their drawing capacity (rolled products with thickness not exceeding 2mm), steel products can be divided into super super complex, super complex, complex and deep drawing products. The scope of these cold formed steel sheet with gost 19904.

Gost 17066

Gost 17066 describes the technical specifications of thin gauge high strength rolling of steel plate with a thickness of 0.5-3.9 mm and a minimum width of 500 mm, which is made of plates and coils. The strength of cold steel plate is 295, 315, 345, 355 and 390. The shape and dimensional tolerances of rolled steel panels also comply with gost 19904.

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