Characteristics And Installation Of Stainless Steel Water Pipes
Characteristics And Installation Of Stainless Steel Water Pipes
Generation and analysis of surface cracks in microalloyed steels containing niobium

Abstract: in recent years, China’s reinforcement processing machinery has developed rapidly.

On the basis of traditional technology, the performance and quality of reinforcement processing machinery such as reinforcement cutting, bending and straightening have been significantly improved, and new technologies and products continue to emerge.

So what are the reinforcement processing machines? The following is the introduction of reinforcement processing machinery and equipment.


What are the reinforcement processing machines

Steel bar bending machine

Steel bar bending machine can also be regarded as one of the Reinforcement Processing machines that deform steel bars. Its main function is to process steel bars with a diameter of more than 20mm and bend them. machine

The floor area of the device is small and the price is relatively cheap, which will not exceed 10000 yuan. It can bring great convenience to the bending of reinforcement.

Reinforcing steel cutting machine

There are manual, electric, hydraulic and other types. The diameter of the cut reinforcement exceeds 20mm, and the maximum cut diameter is 40mm. Cutting machines use movable blades

The steel bar is cut off by reciprocating relative to the fixed blade.

Straightening cutter

Due to the technical limitations, the steel bar processing technology in the 1980s and 1990s still stays in the, and the straightening machine can only straighten the steel bar, and the cutting needs to be measured and cut manually.

With the progress of technology, there is a steel bar straightening machine which can straighten and cut the steel bar. This greatly saves the time spent on steel bar processing.

Now people refer to the steel bar straightening machine, most of which refer to this kind of steel bar straightening machine. In addition to the above common processing equipment, there are also machines for steel bar rust removal, cold drawing, cold drawing and other raw material processing, and forming processing such as spot welding and butt welding.

Rust remover

It is used to remove the rust and scale of reinforcement to ensure the welding quality of reinforcement and the good adhesion between reinforcement and concrete. The electric steel wire wheel brush is used to remove rust and scale and the reinforcement is removed through the sand box

Rust is removed by friction between sand and reinforcement. The rust removal of reinforcement is often completed in the process of cold drawing, cold drawing, straightening and cutting.

Cold drawing machine

Using the stress exceeding the yield point, the reinforcement is stretched within a certain limit, so as to increase the yield point of reinforcement by 20 ~ 25%. The cold drawing machine is divided into winch cold drawing machine and resistance cold drawing machine

Pull the machine. The winch cold drawing machine uses the winch to stretch the reinforcement through the pulley block. The cold drawing speed is about 5m / min, and thick and fine reinforcement can be pulled, but the floor area is large. resistance

Cold pull

The machine is used for stretching wire rod reinforcement with diameter less than 8mm. The reinforcement is strongly pulled by the drum and stretched through 4 ~ 6 resistance wheels. The machine can be combined with the reinforcement straightening and cutting machine to directly cut the reinforcement

The fixed length cold drawn reinforcement is processed, and the cold drawing speed is about 40m / min, with high efficiency and compact layout.

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