Corrosion Resistance Of Stainless Steel
Corrosion Resistance Of Stainless Steel
The Difference Between Steel And Iron
The Difference Between Steel And Iron

Steel Deep Processing

Trend of steel deep processing

(1) Iron and steel enterprises should be prepared to meet competition and challenges.

In recent years, the iron and steel industry has shown an unprecedented good situation,
However, we should be prepared for the severe competition in the next few years. For the market economy, competition is eternal. Whoever can stand in the competition can survive. Therefore, we should start to focus on the future competition and select the corresponding technological transformation projects and deep-processing products.

(2) There must be a correct concept and positioning for the deep processing of steel, and there must be a correct positioning for the deep processing products

The technical content of most deep-processing products is not too high and the output is not too large, which is not suitable for the large-scale production mode of steel mills. However, if you hesitate because of this, you may never find a suitable project. In fact, many projects producing deep-processing products are around. Therefore, once you choose the right project, you should make up your mind and gradually expand and strengthen it.

(3) The extension of iron and steel enterprises to deep-processing industry should be appropriate.

Due to the influence of long-term planned economy, many steel deep-processing products in the past involved many industries and departments such as machinery and construction. Compared with iron and steel enterprises, steel deep-processing enterprises are small, scattered, and produce more varieties, specifications and less quantities. In the form of enterprise ownership, state-owned, collective and individual all participate. The development of deep-processing products by large state-owned iron and steel enterprises can increase the value of steel products and extend to downstream products, but it is worth discussing and studying to what extent they should develop. Large state-owned enterprises must open an appropriate distance from collective and individual enterprises in terms of product grade, scale and cost.

(4) To develop deep-processing products, we should establish a flexible management mechanism. Deep-processing production enterprises face a large number of scattered users.

Steel deep-processing products often produce a small number, require many varieties and specifications, and have complex production organization. The competition with state-owned deep-processing production enterprises is often private enterprises with flexible operation. Therefore, we should establish a flexible management mechanism in production and operation, and use new products and new markets to create new mechanisms, otherwise we will face fierce competition
It is difficult to stand firm in the dispute.

To change the growth mode of the steel industry, develop the steel deep processing industry and extend the industrial chain is an important way of industrial growth under the new situation. Therefore, we should understand the development of steel deep processing from the perspective of developing the steel circular economy, improving the use efficiency of steel and improving the competitiveness of steel production The development of steel deep processing industry in a planned way should be chosen and valued as a new industry extending the steel industry.

Steel Deep Processing

Types of steel deep processing developed by enterprises

In recent years, due to the fierce competition in the steel market and the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the steel deep processing and development of steel products have been greatly promoted. Because steel deep processing products has the advantages of less investment, short construction cycle, fast capital recovery and labor-intensive, many enterprises have tried and achieved good benefits. Enterprises can develop deep-processing products in the following types:
(1) Using the existing production process, the rear equipment is transformed to realize on-line product deep processing. In this way, it can not only reduce investment, but also create greater economic benefits. It is the first choice for iron and steel enterprises to implement steel deep processing.
(2) The construction of steel deep-processing production lines (such as Angang and Shougang) within the enterprise can make use of existing technicians and surplus personnel, as well as plants and idle equipment.
(3) Joint venture construction with existing domestic enterprises can not only save some investment, but also extend the products of iron and steel enterprises.

Requirements for developing steel deep processing

The development of steel deep processing should be based on reality, combined with the development of steel deep processing at home and abroad and its own development conditions
New ideas for developing deep processing of steel products. However, the starting point of development should not be too low, the scale should be appropriate, the product grade should be high, and the enterprises should be relatively concentrated. The management mechanism can take many forms, with the focus on improving work efficiency. In terms of capital investment, it can take the forms of joint-stock system, joint venture, enterprise combination, asset reorganization and so on.

Types of steel deep processing products

(1) deep processing products with wire rod as raw material

At present, the annual output of metal products has reached more than 4 million tons, and the self-sufficiency rate has reached more than 90%. It is expected that the total amount of metal products in China will reach 4.5 million tons by 2012. Although China is a large country of products, high-quality, high-tech and high value-added products still need to be imported from abroad, such as suspension spring steel wire for high stress and fatigue resistant high-class car, spring steel wire for automobile air valve, steel cord, low relaxation large-size high-strength prestressed steel wire and steel strand, etc. In addition, many deep-processing products are in the stage of market expansion and need to be developed jointly with other industries, such as CO2 gas shielded welding wire.

(2) deep processing products of plates and pipes dominated by strips

The deep-processing products of plates and pipes mainly based on plates and strips include cold-rolled ultra (extremely) thin strips, coated steel plates, cold-formed sections, various welded pipes, etc. In 2008, the market share of domestic plate and strip by variety: 90% for medium and heavy plate, 77% for hot-rolled sheet, 44% for cold-rolled plate and 27% for coated plate.

Small types of steel deep processing

  1. There is still a certain gap in domestic cold-rolled ultra (very) thin strip, and the product price is also high.It is mainly used for food cans, furniture, household appliances, etc. It has strict requirements on the quality of raw materials, and the scientific and technological content of production deep-processing equipment and technology is high.
  2. The development of coated plate is relatively slow, especially the popularization rate of plastic coated steel plate is quite low compared with foreign countries.This product is mainly used in construction, furniture, household appliances, etc. There is more room for development in the future.
  3. Steel is a kind of economic section steel, which is made of cold strip or hot strip by roll bending or die forming. Its surface precision is high, and its section coefficient is 10% ~ 40% higher than that of hot-rolled profiles. It also has the advantages of light weight, economy and strong adaptability. It has been used in a variety of industries, such as construction industry (warehouse and other long-span buildings), automobile manufacturing industry (carriage frame, door guide rail, etc.), high-speed highway guardrail plate (the use of section steel and round pipe is 20 ~ 50t / km), railway freight car (1 ~ 1.5T / section) Column (sharp corner rectangular pipe), floor (corrugated plate), agricultural machinery industry, doors and windows, decoration (keel), support, frame, elevator and steel structure, etc. Cold formed section steel has strong vitality in China, but its current proportion in the total steel is low, about 0.6%, while foreign countries account for about 1.5% ~ 4.0%. There is a big gap between the variety and quantity of its products and the market demand. At present, most domestic cold-formed section steel deep  processing equipment can not meet the quality requirements, the product standards are not perfect, and the deep-processing capacity is insufficient. Therefore, efforts should be made to develop high-quality products to meet the market demand in the future.
  4. Deep processing of welded pipe with strip as raw material and processing of welded pipe products,such as coated anti-corrosion steel pipe, various special-shaped pipes, etc. In recent years, welded pipe products have developed rapidly with many specifications and varieties. At present, it has reached more than 6 million T / A. The variety development and application field of welded pipe are gradually expanding. The production of welded boiler tubes is a symbol of technological progress of welded steel tubes, a symbol of product quality improvement, and an important content of expanding the variety of welded tubes and adjusting the product structure of steel tubes. To produce qualified products, we must ensure that the quality of raw materials is stable and reliable, the process equipment of the unit is perfect, the process system is reasonable and the quality assurance system is perfect. Domestic electric welding boiler tube production needs to make great efforts in reducing manufacturing cost, improving product dimensional accuracy and surface finish, and improving oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
  5.  Alkene coated steel pipe integrates the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe,and has the advantages of good chemical stability, high strength, not easy to creep, good insulation performance, good temperature resistance and high coating adhesion. After being developed by Weifang Steel Pipe General Factory in 1989, this product has been gradually adopted by all walks of life, especially in the post and telecommunications industry and communication industry.
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