What Are The Shelves Made Of
What Are The Shelves Made Of
4 Common Types Of Connection For Steel Structures
4 Common Types Of Connection For Steel Structures

Steel Formwork Theoretical Weight Table

Steel Formwork Theoretical Weight Table

Steel Formwork Theoretical Weight Table

According to the use of steel formwork can be divided into: civil engineering (housing construction) steel formwork, bridge steel formwork.

According to the shape of steel formwork casting can be divided into: box beam formwork, T-beam formwork, cover beam formwork, hollow beam formwork, round formwork, guard beam formwork, pier and column head formwork, etc.

There is also a combined steel formwork divided into: large formwork, small formwork, medium formwork, shaded corner, yang corner, etc.

Steel formwork theoretical weight table

Type: 30150 Combined steel formwork Theoretical weight: 0.0172

Type: 30120 Combined steel formwork Theoretical weight: 0.0139

Type: 30090 Combined steel formwork Theoretical weight: 0.01064

Type: 30075 Combined steel formwork Theoretical weight: 0…0092

Type: 30060 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.00736

Type: 30045 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.00588

Type: 25150 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.01527

Type: 25120 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.01257

Type: 25090 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.00943

Type: 25075 Combination formwork Theoretical weight: 0.00812

Model: 20045 Combined steel formwork Theoretical weight: 0.00386

Steel formwork type

Unit cm: (L*W) 120*150, 60*150, 150*30, 150*25, 150*20, 150*15, 150*10, 120*30, 120*25, 120*20, 120*15, 120*10, 90*30, 90*25, 90*20, 90*15, 90*10, 75*30, 75*25, 75*20 75*25, 75*20, 75*15, 75*10, 60*30, 60*25, 60*20, 60*15, 60*10, 45*30, 45*25, 45*20, 45*15, 45*10, etc. and other triangular and shaped formwork.


1, steel template combination; each section combination height 1200mm pier end side semi-circular edge and standard block combination, tray and pier cap decomposition combination, standard combination block 1700 × 1202mm rib spacing 3500 × 4500 rib height (panel + rib height) 86mm.

2, steel formwork processing for the rib plate formulation; with shaped corners, face of the Ministry of its rib plate processing must be welded on the card mold shaped must be repeatedly corrected with the sample plate, strictly prohibited to make with bare hands.

3, steel formwork processing combination of edge processing into the mother and child button shape.

4, steel formwork standard combination section; each section of the processing process reserved for the tie bolt holes 8, /5, steel formwork inner rib cross combination weld each weld at the weld length accumulated ≥ 70% rib width.

Classification by material

According to the different materials used, the formwork is divided into wood formwork, steel wood formwork, steel formwork, steel bamboo formwork, plywood formwork, plastic formwork, FRP formwork, aluminum alloy formwork, etc.

Classification by structure type

Various cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structural members have different shapes, sizes and structures, and different formwork structures and assembly methods, forming their own characteristics. According to the type of structure, templates are divided into: foundation template, column template, beam template, floor template, stair template, wall template, shell template, chimney template, etc.

Classification by construction method

Field assembled and disassembled formwork: the field assembled and disassembled formwork is mostly supported by fixed formwork and tools; Fixed formworks: various formworks (earth formworks, brick formworks and concrete formworks) are fixed formworks; mobile formworks: such as sliding formwork, lifting formwork and horizontal mobile formwork used in concrete pouring of chimney, water tower and wall column.

Building formwork material

Bamboo plywood

It is a building material with Nandhu material as the main structure and filling material and formed into green under high pressure. It is suitable for horizontal formwork, shear wall, bridge and Viaduct in housing construction. Bamboo plywood has smooth and flat surface, good construction effect, good water resistance and is not easy to be affected by moisture.

Yang plank

It is a multi-layer plate-like material formed by spinning poplar into veneer or planing wood into thin wood, and then gluing with adhesive. It is usually made of odd layers of veneers and the fiber directions of adjacent poplar veneers are perpendicular to each other. Poplar board has the advantages of light weight, clear lines and low cost.

Pine board

Pine board is a commonly used building material in southern construction projects, which is mostly used in house construction.

The cost of pine board is high, but the turnover times are high and it is not easy to expand and deform.

Eucalyptus board

It is made of Eucalyptus wood, which is spun into veneers or sliced into thin wood according to the wood square and glued. Large infrastructure such as houses, bridges, tunnels and nuclear power projects, as well as the use of concrete art landscape and steel aluminum frame formwork. Small expansion coefficient, moisture and high temperature resistance, and the construction surface is smooth and beautiful.

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