Instruction of Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil, also known as printed steel coils, is the process of printing various patterns on steel coils by technical means based on various substrates.

Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

Product Details of Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil
Product Name:Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil
Width:600-1500mm,according to customer’s requirement
Zinc Coating:Z20g-275g/㎡

Epoxy, Polyester, Dissolving solvent,


Top Coating:

Polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene chloride, polyvinyl chloride plastisol

Hardness:softy,half hard and hard quality
Type of substrates:hot dipped galvanized,galvalume,electro-galvanized
Surface Treatment:oiling/passivstion or chromium free passivation /skin pass
Coil Inner:Diameter 508mm/610mm
Coil Outer:800mm-1500mm
Coil Weight:3-5MT per coil
Packaging :export standard package or as request
Terms of Price:FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW
Payment Terms:TT, Irrevocable LC at sight, Western union, Ali trade assurance

Applications of Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

  1. Shell of household appliances, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave oven, video equipment, etc.
  2. Buildings, such as ceilings, walls, fire doors, partitions, sandwich panels, etc. Generally speaking, it is widely used in interior decoration.
  3. Vehicles, such as interior trim panels of automobiles, ship bulkheads, etc.
  4. Doors and windows, such as room door, anti-theft door, garage door, door or window frame, etc.

Main Features of Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

  1. Excellent processing capability
  2. Smooth and flat surface
  3. Machinability, durability
  4. Excellent heat resistance
  5. High strength
  6. Good formability
  7. Good visual effect


  1. If punching or cutting edge is needed, the exposed part should be made of drawn anti-rust material to prevent corrosion.
  2. When processing with rolling equipment, sharp tools, as well as excessive punching and extension should be avoided.
  3. Collision, folding and friction should be avoided when handling.

Packing and Shipping of Printed Pattern Galvanized Steel Coil

The packaging of our products (eg. metal roofing coil, prepainted coils,corten steel columnl,hot rolled stainless steel plate) ensures that they will not be damaged during transport. For export, the usual export packaging is carried out in wooden cases or crates. All HR metal plates, plates and coils are marked with marks (company logo), grade, size and batch number.

angle bar


(1) Epoxy primer

It has basic plant strength and can resist alkaline water and chemical corrosion.

(2) Polyester primer

Surface foundation with strength and weakness

(3) Soluble solvent primer

It has basic support, good flexibility, organic bottom, low temperature, extremely cultivated in the field environment and poor conditions.

(4) Polyurethane primer

It has the characteristics of chemical resistance, wear resistance, resistance and good flexibility.

Finish coat of galvanized steel coil for printing pattern.

(1) Polyester

Large capacity, wide range in formability and outdoor problems, medium chemical resistance.

(2) Silicon modified polyester

The hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance of the coating film, as well as good outdoor surface and non pulverization performance, limited retention and flexibility, and medium to high cost.

(3) Polyvinylidene chloride

It has good formability and color retention, excellent outdoor color, powder resistance, solvent resistance, limited color and high price.

(4) Polyvinyl chloride plastic sol

Excellent rain and chemical resistance, damage resistance, beautiful appearance, need special primer. The surface can be of various types, forming a pattern by pressing or automatic shrinkage.

Cold rolled substrate

Printed pattern galvanized steel coils produced from cold rolled steel coils have limited corrosion resistance because any slight scratch on the surface coating will quickly produce red rust and affect their use. The color coating of this coil can be used to make internal parts of household appliances or for temporary isolation fence, and its height will not be too high.

Electro galvanized substrate

The galvanized layer of printed galvanized steel coil is protected by zinc layer, which is more corrosion-resistant than the cold-rolled steel coil of printed galvanized steel coil. Due to the thin zinc layer (generally the zinc content is 20 g / m2), its processability is better than hot-dip galvanizing.

Hot dip galvanized substrate

The hot-dip galvanized substrate can be selected according to the amount of zinc plating, the shape of zinc layer and surface finish.

The most important step of printing steel coil is color coating printing. The result of color coating method will determine the quality of finished products. Therefore, when doing this step, the manufacturer must strictly follow the steps and carefully complete the production.

It includes the following steps.

(1) First, pre degrease, roll and degrease the uncoiled steel plate, and then clean the steel coil.

(2) Then grind the outer surface of the cleaned steel coil until the surface of the steel coil is smooth, and then roll and clean the steel coil.

(3) Chemical coating, drying, undercoating and back coating, curing the undercoating and back coating, and then cooling the steel coil.

(4) Surface coating, fine coating and printing shall be carried out on the cooled steel coil, and then the surface coating shall be cured with an adjustable mouth. After cooling, the printing volume of the finished product is calculated, and the curing time is 20-30 seconds.

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